I saw someone post this question over on Quora, and I decided to make this a regular part of the content here at Normanie, where I delve into questions and try and answer them in the best way I can.

The answer to this question is simply going to stem from my experience over the years in Online Marketing, or what is more widely regarding as “IM” (Internet Marketing). This can involve a lot of things, so I’m going to try and break it down as much as possible.

Become a Fiverr Seller

My first proper business, ArcticPanda, kind of stemmed from being a Fiverr Seller. At the very least they worked alongside one another.

I began selling my website design services on Fiverr many many years ago when I was 16. This was back when Fiverr wasn’t that well known, and there weren’t as many options as there are today. Back when everything was $5 per service, and you could only increase that with extra services.

My main goal here at the time was to lure people in with my website design skills, and then convince them to order my more expensive services. However, even still, I was probably only making $100 on average per website, which can become very tedious when some customers on Fiverr expect the world for a fiverr.

However, Web Design is quite an intensive service. If you can find a simply service which takes as little time as possible, you will only need to make two sales per day to reach an extra $10 income. Take a look at this post for 6 unique Fiverr sales ideas.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is something I have tried in the past, but wasn’t overly successful with. I think I got to a $100 per day mark, but couldn’t keep it up consistently, and it took a lot of effort. However, there are plenty of people making large amounts of money with Affiliate Marketing online.

I would recommend having a look at the BlackHatWordl Forum in order to learn some more about Affiliate Marketing, as it breaks down into a tonne of different sub-areas.

Website Flipping

This is a method I have had more success with myself, and can return you far greater amounts than $10 per day. In fact, if this was taken on as a full time job, you could probably return $500 per week relatively easily.

Website Flipping is the practice of obtaining a website which is maybe not being marketed in the right way, or perhaps has a pretty bad design or layout. Improving upon it. Then reselling it for a profit.

What I used to go was go onto Flippa, and then hunt down websites which were finishing soon for below $200. I’d check them out, and if I felt as though they had potential, I would try and buy them and then improve upon them.

This isn’t a guaranteed science. I bought some sites which just didn’t make much profit (a few I lost money on). But, this is countered by the times you manage to buy a website for $200 one week, and sell the improved version for $1000 the next.

If you’re good with websites, know how to market them, then this might be the side-hustle for you! Alternatively, you could look at my next suggestion…


Blogging comes up as a method for improving your income in pretty much every one of my posts, simply because it works. Sometimes this will improve your income directly, or indirectly. More often than not, it is used as a method for marketing products or services.

The blog on my ArcticPanda website was the key driver for bringing in visitors which were converted into customers. It was rare that people were simply searching for a Website Designer and would land on my site, but they’d hire me based on the various value providing blog posts that they would read.

Starting a blog is easy! I’d recommend getting your own hosting platform (I recommend TSOHost – They’re incredibly cheap for the service they provide). This will allow you to have more control over your website and the platform it is sat on. I would then install WordPress on your website, and use this as a blogging platform. If you need help setting this up, then I would recommend giving me an email over at ArcticPanda, and we can help you out.

Become an Uber Driver

Everything in this post so far has been online related. However, why not start driving for Uber? This can develop into a full on career, or you could just Uber during your days off and increase your income a little bit.

In order to increase your income by $10 per day, you would only need to bring in $70 “Ubering” at the weekend. This could be done on a Saturday morning easily!

If you’ve got a car which would be handy as a taxi, then this is definitely an option to look into. Give it a Google and look for the instructions on how to become an Uber driver in your area, as it generally depends on where you live.

SEO Consultant

This was my main income through my ArcticPanda Marketing business. While we were primarily a Website Design company, all of those clients often needed SEO services too! The benefit of this is usually SEO is a monthly payment service, so you can often tie in clients to long term income every month.

There is a bit of a difficult gateway to SEO, and you would need to learn the ropes (it isn’t as easy as some people think). Definitely go and do your research.

This is a service which is seemingly being offered by everyone, and unfortunately there are a lot of bad SEO consultants out there. Make sure you stand out from the crowd! In a good way…

An Extra $10 A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

An extra $10 per day in your bank may not seem like much. But when you count that out, it comes to an extra $3,650 in your bank at the end of the year. Think of what that could go towards! Take a look at some of my investment advice posts to see what you could put that money towards.