Testing the Carnivore Diet: Does it work? (Post 1)


The Carnivore Diet is a relatively new phenomenon in the public eye, and has really come to the forefront of popularity in ethe past 6-12 months. This is mostly due to the input from Doctors such as Shawn Baker and Paul Saladino.

I have tried Keto, I have tried Intermittent Fasting, and I’ve tried OMAD (One Meal A Day) – With varying results along the way.

I did like the Keto Diet and the results I obtained from it, but it was just a bit too complex for me. I’m a lazy cook, I don’t want to have to pre-prepare Keto friendly dough, or special sauces etc. There was too much meal preparation involved for me, which is partially what led me to investigating the Carnivore Diet. Steak, steak and more steak…what could go wrong?

Something I’ve always tried to do is experience things before I have a solid opinion on it. That is why I will be attempting one month of the Carnivore Diet throughout February in order to see the results – in terms of weight loss, mental health, general health etc. I will document the whole journey, and report back weekly with my findings and how I am feeling.

Along the way I will also try and provide as much documentary evidence and backup to any of my claims from verified sources (such as the aforementioned Doctors).

Eating Nose to Tail – Not my cup of tea…

There are some Carnivores who will almost eat anything – Liver, kidney, brain, heart, the lot. This isn’t for me, and my journey will involve eliminating my consumption of processed foods completely, and sticking to purely organic quality cuts of meat (mostly rib eye steak). Eating foods I generally dislike is not going to lead to a successful experiment.

Every week, I will take a trip to my local butcher and buy the highest quality meats that I can find.


Why Is The Carnivore Diet Attracting Negative Attention?

There are two main reasons, in my view. Firstly, it is the complete opposite to a Vegan diet, which is currently a very widely applied way of eating throughout the world. Due to the contrast, and the strengths of views from either side, you’re bound to cause controversy – and when there is controversy, there will be attention drawn to it.

This links in with the second reason. It has received a lot of media attention due to its extremeties. It has become popular for media outlets to slam and discredit the diet. Despite this, there has still yet to be a solid research/study piece proving the dangers of eating a large amount of meat in your diet.

An example of some of the over-exaggerated negative viewpoints towards the Carnivore diet can be seen here:

Joe Rogan Tries The Carnivore Diet

Recently in January of 2020, the famous UFC commentator, Podcast host and overall fitness freak, Joe Rogan, decided to try the Carnivore diet for “World Carnivore Month”. He was surprised at his results. He managed to lose 12lbs, and claimed he hasn’t felt as good in a long time.

This has brought even further attention to the diet, and I suspect we will see huge growth of its adoption throughout 2020.

My Starting Stats

Weight: 93kg (205lbs)

Height: 6 ft 3in

BF%: 18.5%


I will update everyone on a weekly basis going forward with as much detail as possible. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out in the comments section!


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