How I plan to use Python to aid my work at a Hedge Fund

I currently work within the Operations department of a Hedge Fund in Europe. This involves a lot of data handling on a daily basis, and a lot of essential, but repetitive tasks. I plan to ease that by utilising Python coding.

To put a bit of background to this, I have absolutely zero past coding experience, except some basic HTML coding during some website design.

I plan to document my journey of learning coding for the benefit of my finance career, so that hopefully at least one person may benefit.

My main goal will be to help the reconciliation process within our team. We have to reconcile quite a few areas of the fund – from cash balances to equity balances and everything in between. It is essential that brokers match up with our numbers and the numbers of our admin. However, reconciling all of these numbers can be tedious.

I have no idea currently how I am going to achieve this! But, in my first post I will begin my journey on finding out.

Bit of a short initial post this one, but I think going forward I will layout my posts like “Day 1 – “Goal for the day” and document everything I did and learned in that day.

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