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Tracking my Net Worth – June 2019

After reading the My Money Wizard blog, I decided to follow in his foot-steps and start tracking my net worth on a monthly basis for everyone to see. I am going to only track my personal finance, and not the finance of my current/previous businesses. Therefore, the...

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A Day In the Life of a Big 4 Auditor

Before I get into my breakdown of a day in the life of an auditor, let me explain what an auditor is first of all. Overall, an auditor will assess whether a companies accounts are truly representative of what they are depicting. Or to use a terminology used within my...

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Being “Cheap” is Better Than Looking Rich

Being perceived as cheap by others is something which I have often experienced through my life. If you decide you don't want to go to an expensive restaurant, or you want to save some money, you're labelled as being cheap. But, why? Does it really make you cheap?...

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