Where I live, I have almost lost track of how many days/weeks I’ve been in effective lock-down. I believe it is about a month now…but who knows.

What I’ve realised the past month is that the lock-down is a great opportunity to learn, grow, improve, and thrive. While normally on a Friday or Saturday night I might be out of the house socialising or going out for dinner – I am now at home all night.

While I agree it might not be the most enjoyable scenario to be in…we just have to accept it is reality right now.

The opportunity is there to come back once all of this is over as a much better person. That could mean shooting for a salary improvement at work, or being able to take part in a new hobby, or generally just being more confident and happy in yourself.

Personally, I am focusing on improving my ability when it comes to coding. Specifically, I am trying to utilise Python to implement into my job, and improve a lot of manual tasks.

The lock-down related to Covid-19 is likely to last quite a bit longer, as much as we’re all desperate to head outside and enjoy freedom, we must continue to be strong behind closed doors. So, let’s make the best of a bad situation, and choose one thing that you’re going to focus on during this lock down. Here are some ideas:

  • Improve your diet
  • Focus on your fitness (exercise in the garden or living room)
  • Learn a new skill
  • Improve your mental health and learn more about what makes your brain ‘tick’
  • Set a list of books to read before this is finished
  • Do some DIY around the house
  • Organise the house and get rid of clutter

If you’re struggling with the reality of the current situation, then please feel free to give me a message or comment down below, and we can discuss how you can feel better. We’re all in this together, despite not being together!